Pine Dunes Forest Preserve

  • Dot-tailed Whiteface Dragonfly
    Dot-tailed Whiteface

Map of Pine DunesPine Dunes Forest Preserve, owned and managed by Lake County Forest Preserve District (LCFPD), is an 868-acre tract located near Antioch and the Wisconsin border in northern Lake County, Illinois. It is part of a multi-preserve system constituting a 5300-acre tract of undeveloped, protected land in the region.

Approximately 70% of the preserve is upland, 30% wetland, and it contains critical habitat for numerous wildlife species including Red-headed Woodpeckers, Eastern Bluebirds, frogs, and Blue-Spotted Salamanders.

Pine Dunes also has an abundance of invasive Reed Canary Grass (Phalaris arundinacea) whose presence in Illinois wetlands decreases native plant and arthropod diversity.

The Illinois State Toll Highway Authority (ISTHA) has been working with LCFPD on a project valued at $9.3 million. Habitat restoration efforts include:

      • ~85 acres of wetland enhancement and restoration
      • enhancement of upland and woodland habitat
      • ~1 km of stream restoration to connect existing wetlands to the Des Plaines River
      • General seeding and planting activities continued through 2017
      • wetland maintenance and monitoring to continue through 2020
      • new trails, a parking lot, restroom facilities, boardwalks, a drinking water well and a new entrance road, as well as nearly three miles of bike and pedestrian trails

Before its 2010 acquisition by LCFPD, the area included farmland, a Whippet racetrack, and a European horse importation center. Now, the preserve consists of upland oak-hickory woods, prairie, marshes, wet meadows, and ponds.


Based on our findings in 2017, we made management recommendations to support and improve the natural communities at Pine Dunes, including introducing native fish to some ponds while maintaining the other ponds fish-free, reducing invasive plant species across the site, and maintaining forest cover around ponds.

In 2020, we conducted bumble bee surveys at Pine Dunes. We did not encounter the Rusty Patched Bumble Bee, but did detect 8 species at the site, including the Half-black Bumble Bee, an SGCN.

We returned in 2021 to compare communities at the restored areas to more established areas.

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