I-90 Post-construction

In 2015, post construction, we conducted fish, mussel, aquatic macroinvertebrate, and bird surveys in the corridor and found:


Alasmidonta viridis – Slippershell Mussel
  • 335 live individuals of 12 mussel species
  • Three most common species were

White Heelsplitter Lasmigona complanata,
Plain Pocketbook – Lampsilis cardium, and
Cylindrical Papershell – Anodontoides ferussacianus



For birds we conducted searches and circular plot counts and found

Ruby-throated Hummingbird
  • 61 species of birds
  • One state-endangered species, Osprey, at three locations
  • sparrows were the densest species group overall





For fish we used minnow seines and backpack electroshockers to survey.

In small streams we found:

Iowa Darter
  • 5,638 fish representing 27 species 
  • 1 state-listed species, the Iowa Darter (Etheostoma exile), at 6 sites
  • The 3 most abundant species in small streams were the

Brook Stickleback – Culaea inconstans,
Southern Redbelly Dace – Chrosomus erythrogaster,
Central Stoneroller Campostoma anomalum



In larger streams

Central Stoneroller

Southern Redbelly Dace – Chrosomus erythrogaster,
Central Stoneroller – Campostoma anomalum,
Bigmouth Shiner Notropis dorsalis, and
Redfin Shiner Lythrurus umbratilis



In the Kishwaukee River

Gravel Chub
  • 575 fish representing 30 species
  • 1 state-listed species, the Gravel Chub Erimystax x-punctatus
  • The 3 most abundant species were the

Sand ShinerNotropis stramineus,
Spotfin Shiner Cyprinella spiloptera, and
Banded Darter Etheostoma zonale


Aquatic Macroinvertebrates

For aquatic macroinvertebrates we used the ILEPA 20-Jab Allocation Method for wadeable streams.

  • Habitat assessment showed impairment compared to Illinois reference conditions at all sites but ranged from “Poor” to just under “Good”
  • Macroinvertebrate Index of Biotic Integrity rated 1 site as “Exceptional,” 2 as “Good,and 1 as “Fair”
  • Total taxa richness ranged from 18 to 26 across sites
  • Kishwaukee River had an “exceptional” biotic integrity rating