Kishwaukee River Mussels

In 2015, UBAP malacologists began a long-term population dynamics and movement study of the freshwater mussels in the Kishwaukee River.

Each year a team of biologists and land managers do an intensive search of a stretch of the Kishwaukee River along the I-90 Tollway.

Divided into transects, each person claims a transect and collects all of the mussels within their stretch. Mussels are measured and marked prior to being returned to the area they were found.

Returning each year, the researchers are able to estimate survival and movement of mussels within the river.

In 2018, over 600 mussels were found from 17 species (four new species!). This brings the total species found at that site to 21.

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It’s Mussel Time

grubbing for mussels
snorkeling for mussels
mussels being brought in for measurement
bags of mussels
measuring and marking mussels
Hallprint tag on mussel
mussels awaiting their return
mussels being returned